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Q: What is a ghostwriter?
A: A ghostwriter is a literary artist who transforms ideas and stories into publishable text. 


When an aspiring author has a great book idea but lacks the time, skills, or desire to write the manuscript, a qualified ghostwriter steps in with essential craft skills and deep knowledge of the book industry. Together they create the best possible manuscript suited to the aspiring author's chosen publishing path. 

Many of the biggest blockbuster books on the shelf are written by ghostwriters. Source material may be the author's life story, field of expertise, or personal quest. Whether the book is published by a mainstream corporate publisher or DTC (direct to consumer) on the author's own imprint, the goal is a professionally written manuscript that entertains and uplifts the reader. 


  • Help you create a professional quality manuscript.

  • Help you understand your publishing options.

  • Encourage and support you through the process.



  • Guarantee that your book will be a bestseller.

  • Connect you with celebrities they work with. 

  • Write a chapter or proposal “on spec” or “for exposure.”

The best ghostwriters are
  • talented
  • craft proficient
  • industry savvy
  • deadline conscious
  • empathetic
  • trustworthy


Ghostwriting is more than a skillset; it's a mindset. A qualified ghostwriter has all the creative energy and technical skills of an excellent novelist, journalist, blogger, or editor, but there’s more to the craft than writing skills. Ghostwriting also requires the ability to manage complex projects involving intense schedules, creative personalities, and the agendas of multiple concerned parties. While writing is a solitary endeavor, ghostwriting is a collaborative art which, at its best, is done in a spirit of service. In addition to high level writing craft skills—grammar, syntax, linguistics, research, and an intrinsic understanding of storytelling—ghostwriting also requires generosity, empathy, intuitive listening, and a healthy ability to set ego aside.

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