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Creative chemistry is a beautiful thing.

You bring a unique voice, singular life experience, and desire to say something that matters. A qualified collaborator brings craft skills and a stellar publishing track record. Together, you create a book that connects your ideas with hearts and minds around the world. 

As a ghostwriter and book doula, I've been helping people tell their stories for more than twenty years. (Check my collab credentials here.) My mission as a collaborator is to tell stories that matter, empower every client's voice, and elevate the craft of collaboration via small group masterclasses and one-on-one author counseling. I accept very few clients each year, but I've included a list of collaborators with terrific credentials plus a link to the best collaboration matchmaker I know. Not trying to sell anything here, and nothing here should be considered to be legal advice. I just wanted to offer some resources and answer a few FAQs I get from people looking to hire collaborators and writers looking to expand their collaboration skills. 

Hope it's helpful as you continue your quest to share your story.

Peace and grooviness ~

Joni Rodgers

What's your story?

I have a great book idea. I need someone to help put it into words.

I have strong writing skills. I need help with book structure and process.

I have questions. I need an AMA sesh with an experienced collaborator.

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